About Us

Our Mission

Seeing Red is a fashion-forward Halloween Apparel Company that pushes the boundaries of the current trends matched with the spooky nature of Halloween. Whether comical, dark, cute or down-right absurd, Seeing Red offers an array of costumes and accessories that meet everyone’s unique and ghoulish needs.

Our Roots

Seeing Red was founded in 2014 by CEO Maria Santilena Neuland whose love for Halloween stems down to the family tie the holiday brought. From decorating with her dad and siblings, her mom hand sewing each year’s costume, to trick or treating every year, what was a simple family tradition sparked the love for the holiday that has lasted throughout the years and within Seeing Red.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer - Maria Santilena Neuland                                                    

Maria started her journey at San Diego State University majoring in Theater and Spanish. With each university production, her sewing and costume configuration skills were high sought after and continuously utilized in the school’s costume shop. A learned skill from her grandma and mom creating Halloween costumes each year, soon became a profession. After college seeking a career, she stumbled on the newspaper ad for a Halloween Costume Co. in sales. Quickly advancing her career in just a few years she became a highly successful National Sales Manager but still loved the design and costume creation aspect of the Halloween Industry. With the next opportunity, Maria became a Vice President of one of the top Rock n’ Roll Goth Apparel companies in the Industry, Lip Service and introduced them to the Halloween biz. As head of manufacturing, production, design and sales, it was here that she realized had what it took to take the leap and create her own company with her own unique twists. With that, in 2014, Seeing Red rose from the ashes. With Seeing Red, Maria hopes to push the limits of Halloween and create trend specific designs that aren’t your typical costume.  Focusing what is hot and on brand at the moment, Seeing Red consciously brings fresh items to the market constantly pushing the limits of the Industry.

“Halloween is the one day a year that you can be whomever or whatever you want – the possibilities are limitless.”

 -Maria Santilena Neuland, CEO Seeing Red Inc.

Vice President - Charlie Santilena

While searching for a career path after college, all of Charlie’s interests and past studies directly lead to the Halloween Apparel Industry. As a business major with a love of animation, Charlie’s passion for art and design has followed him thought out his career. Starting in the Halloween Industry in sales, on every lunch break you could catch him in the art department watching the costume designs come to life.

During his time at Charades, he fell under the wing of one of the founders of the Halloween Industry, Jerry Beck. Beck showed him the ins and outs of the industry and helped Charlie learn what customers truly wanted from Halloween. After Beck’s passing, Charlie joined his sister Maria in 2016 at Seeing Red to continue Becks legacy and to also create one of his own. Bringing the love of design and creativity that comes with it, Charlie has helped contribute to Seeing Red’s vision of on brand, trendy, and unique Halloween apparel.

 -Charlie Santilena, VP Seeing Red Inc.


Our Support

Seeing Red would like to recognize the following individuals and companies for their continuous support and assistance.